Monday, June 27, 2011

Alice again

Popped back to Straits at about 9.30 this morning with a friend and we were only 100yds into the ride when a pristine male landed at my feet for aquick photo - perfect. He diddn't hang around long and made two or three tentative landings before ascending into the oaks.
After walking right down the main ride there was another high up on the way back but I think it was the one seen earlier.
No more sightings here so went over to Abbots wood at about 11am where there was one oak edging in the ride up to the car park and one on territory in the pines.
At Goose Green two were present in the chesnut adjacent the wayleave and both decided that a passing swallow was fair game and set off in hot pursuit.
Stopped off at Straits on the way back and walked the whole ride and found one oak edging betweenthe two deer towers.
In all I think there were six individuals across the three woods.
Mark T

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dennis said...

6 seen in what period of time, please, Mark?