Monday, June 27, 2011

Oversley Wood, Warwickshire

I had a successful trip to my local Emperor wood yesterday (26th June). Immediately upon arrival at the congregation area at 1:30pm, i was greeted by the sight of 2 males in combat flight at the top of the pines. Plenty more sightings over the next 45 minutes, especially from one male who seemed to enjoy swooping from perch to perch over a small area he had clearly claimed as his own. At one point, a poor bird stupidly flew a bit too close to his Majesty's perch and was chased away at top speed. I left the congregation area not long after and had a walk around the wood, hoping to see a few Emperor's flying over the Oaks at known hotspots but no luck. Returning to the congregation area at 4:30pm, there was more activity in the same area so its likely that these individuals were the same ones as seen previously. Another sighting of the 2 males chasing each other was rather entertaining to watch, as was the one male that decided to land so close to the edge of a pine stem, he got blown off his perch by the wind.

2 more Emperors were seen late morning on the ground by John Carter, one only fleetingly but the debate is on as to whether they were male or female. These sightings are the first in Warwickshire so far. On my best count last year, i had 19 sightings and an estimated 12 individuals. Lets hope Oversley Wood has an equally successful Emperor season this year!

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we are all indeed interested to see whether you have a better season in Warwcks than we are having further south