Sunday, June 5, 2011

Latest Betting, and Splatting

The betting on the first iris of the year has altered, not least because Ken Willmott's gone off to Bulgaria for 2 weeks (v iris, ilia and metis). The odds are now:-

3-1 Neil Hulme, Southwater Woods, W Sussex

5-1 Ken Willmott, Bookham Common, Surrey

7-1 Matthew Oates or Tony Baines, Alice Holt, Hants

8-1 Wendy Campbell, Piddington Wood, Oxon

10-1 Bar

Latest Prediction: Tues June 14th, High Noon.

It could be you... It has to be someone...

Please TEXT Matthew Oates on 07771 971488, or email, or Tweet immediately.

However, the cool May has prevented the all-time record being broken. This remains 'Beginning of June' in the New Forest 1893, followed by 10th June 1893, West Woods, Marlborough, Wilts - unless anyone has uncovered any earlier records?

Meanwhile, Brother Douglas photographed the following outrage in a Northamptonshire wood. We're not certain that the large green larva is iris, but as a precaution we recommend that All Great Splatted Woodpeckers Be Exterminated at once. My cat has been briefed.

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