Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bookham Breaks Record!

Gentlemen, Lady, you are looking at the earliest Purple Emperor recorded in the UK since 1893!

This male was photographed at Bookham Common yesterday, Monday June 13th, by Surrey butterflyer Rob Hill. So once again Bookham romps home, albeit ridden by a substitute jockey as its resident rider Ken Willmott is on holiday in Bulgaria (supposedly, before iris begins...). Congratulations to Rob, who should now be suffering from an almighty hangover ... . And congratulations to Bookham.

Meanwhile, I searched hard at Alice Holt yesterday but saw none (and rather struggled to see camilla and paphia, and failed to see quercus there). None of my captive pupae is showing through (though they don't until late on), and the forecast after today is poor.

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