Monday, July 18, 2011

Forestry Commission News

Can anyone explain the stained tea strainer that's recently been attached to the FC high seat tower in the middle of Straits Inclosure, Alice Holt Forest? It is nothing whatsoever to do with me.

Also, I have been informed of the following incident that apparently took place in Ampfield Wood, Hampshire, a little while back. Apparently, an FC van skidded on a massive banana bait placed on a corner along one of the made-up rides there and ended up in the ditch! The driver was heard explaining the situation to his boss on the mobile phone, by the person responsible for the bait. Why this glorious story has taken so long to make it on to this website beggars belief. What do people think this website is actually for?

If there are any more stories like this out there please bung them on, whilst the sukebind is still in bloom...

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Felix of Claremont said...

Absolutely, couldn't agree more!