Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Howling Gale

The weather seems to be brewing a gale tonight. That could put the mockers on the 2011 iris season. Last year, the butterfly was decimated (in the modern sense, the opposite of the original Roman sense) by a 48 hour gale on July 15th & 16th, as the females were getting into the swing of egg laying. Consequently, the egg lay was poor. That, coupled with this poor June, lead to a low emergence this summer. I've got the horrible feeling that history is about to repeat itself... Are we allowed to use the F word on this website?

Meanwhile, here's a Comma ab suffusa photographed in Fermyn Woods last weekend - in the same riding where one was seen in 2010. He's missing half an antenna, necessitating a winter evening photoshop session.

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