Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doings during the 2009 Purple Emperor Season

National One Sock Day will be staged on Wed 1st July. On this day those of Purple Persuasion are obliged to spend time in an Iris wood wearing only a single sock – to commemorate Brother Neil’s famous self-disrobing on 1st July 2008. The sock may be of any size or colour, though if it covers the entire body the wearer is obliged to hop. This is the most important event in the Purple calendar.

Invasion of Fermyn Woods. This will take place between 4th-11th July.

The Emperor’s Breakfast will be filmed by the BBC in Fermyn Wood on Sunday 5th July. The piece will be presented by the Hon. Mike Dilger, who has been made an Honorary Member of our loose association. The Breakfast is being staged as a contemporary art event, and will consist of several artistically decorated trestle tables containing platters offering a variety of substances, legal and otherwise, to the Emperor of the Woods.

The Beeb should also filming Purple Emperors in Alice Holt Forest, for a major programme on British butterflies.

Oates’s Sabbatical. Oates is on sabbatical this summer, by kind permission of the National Trust, doing a variety of doings relating to Our Sovereign Insect. These include mark & recapture on males (or mark & never see again) in Alice Holt Forest, in order to determine longevity, frequency of territory occupancy, and perhaps mobility; work seeking to classify the types of sallows favoured by the butterfly; various engagement events - and a whole load of Silly things. Please do not attempt to extract common sense from him during this period.

Captain of School. Neil Hulme is Captain of School for this term.

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