Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here we go again!

Today (23rd June 2009) a privileged group, including Hannah Sandars, Andy Stokes, Tom Ottley and I, saw two Emperors in Southwater Woods (West Sussex). The first was 'on the deck' in the eastern part of Marlpost Wood - I nearly trod on Him at 11.55 hrs. The second made a couple of brief sorties around the Dogbarking Master Trees at 13.00hrs, while our small gathering paid homage from below.

Being new to this game, Hannah quickly realised the dangers of 'Emperor Neck', so adopted a hitherto unseen observation posture - easily confused with 'being asleep'.
The woods were kind to us today, with sightings of Silver-washed Fritillary ab. ocellata and White Admiral ab. obliterae.
The emergence of His Majesty was celebrated in traditional style at the 'Selsey Arms' and then later (just to be sure) at the 'George and Dragon'.

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