Sunday, June 28, 2009

SATURDAY 27th JUNE: Great to see a courting pair - male closely following female - at the Mark Oak master tree territory where Ken Willmott conducted much of his classic research, seen at 1.38 and 1.40. Straight out of the Book of Willmott. This seems to be the first female of the year.

No males seen 'sallow-searching', which they do on flat ground in Alice Holt and Fermyn. Ken has never seen this here. Maybe they don't indulge in that behaviour here.

3 males seen down on the rides in the morning, but all disturbed by passers by. None came down to our baits, but we only put them out for 45 mins.


FRIDAY 26th JUNE: The day began with the obligatory Glastonbury Festival thunderstorm, then a glowering dank morning which meant my field meeting group failed to see anything or iris. Some sun and brightness after 2pm. His Imperial Majesty came out to play with the sun: 4 males at Goose Green in Alice Holt, who split into two pairs disputing two territories. And a freshly emerged Purple Hairstreak - and again I failed to find the vacated pupal case.

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