Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exam Results

As thousands of British schoolchildren were getting their GCSE results this morning, Tiberius was poised nervously on a leaf in a shady corner of a Swiss wood, waiting for his:

At about lunchtime he got them - and he had passed! Yippee! Here he is at 20h00 today, in his new class, freshly showered by an alpine storm:

If I can find him I will take better pictures tomorrow during daylight.

He spent 12 full days in the first instar (today being his 13th day), the last two immobile on the same leaf while his shoulder patch (with the horns inside, I'm reliably informed) grew. He seemed to eat quite heartily during the first ten days but rarely on his resting leaf - there was evidence of nibbling on lots of other leaves. He changed resting leaf three times in total.


EDIT: a couple of pictures in natural light from 24th August, day 14 (with an inset from day 1 in the first):

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