Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Upper Thames sighting was on August 19th in Little Wood by Mick Campbell. The first in this wood was seen on July 8th, making a flight season of 6 weeks in this wood. The first sighting in this region was on July 4th. I had a surprising experience, looking for larvae yesterday, in a mid-Bucks wood. See picture [zoom in to read writing!]: on the big old broad leaved Sallow on the left of the ride I found one larva; on 25th July a female spent some time in and around this Sallow. On the other side of the ride, exactly opposite, is a narrow leaved Sallow; to my delight and astonishment I found 7 larvae [both 1st and 2nd instar] and one egg here. I've never before found more than two larvae/eggs on one Sallow in the UK, and I've no idea why this particular Sallow was favoured.

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