Wednesday, August 1, 2012

German site

Some excellent photos of the early stages on this German site.

I note that it suggests the adults can be attracted with cheese! I assume they mean the runny German stuff and not a slice of healthy cheddar. Anyone tried it?


dennis said...

yes, when we lived in Switzerland I tried it; a particularly smelly Austrian runny cheese was recommended called Limburger [see my blog for picture]: it did not work for me, even though the smell was horrendous!

irisscientist said...


Considering the work reported in the link (below), I am most surprised that this cheese did in fact NOT work? Considering the details reported within this article, I would (from a purely text book approach), recommend trying it!

Do you perhaps remember who recommended this bait to you and also the age/type of Limburger you tried? Grey-White, Red or Yellow-Green? I appreciate this may now have been a few years ago, but would appreciate any new additional details that you might be able to remember.