Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tues June 28th

Back at Knepp today, though with the sun came the wind and only north-facing oak edges were workable. The best such edge produced a count of 15 Emperors in 12 minutes, including a vista of five.

Never take on a Hobby, as one ambitious Emperor did at 12.15, and didn't quite come off best - 

And they're starting to feed on sap runs again (though some are still coming down to feed on the tracks) -

A female was seen today, only the third seen so far this year here (and nationally).  

When the wind drops, and if the sun shines, throw a sicky and get out Emperoring: they'll erupt. They've been heavily suppressed by the wind these last few days and will make up for it big time on the next decent day, and the wind is at last forecast to drop... 

The good news is that a nice anticyclone is forecast to come in soon...



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