Friday, June 17, 2022

We're Off!

Welcome to the 2022 Purple Emperor season, which could be an extremely good one (weather permitting)...

I saw three males at Knepp today: 2 males chasing at 12.33, just where I had a distant sighting yesterday which I was loath to claim, followed by two sightings of a singleton in the next ten minutes.

Half a mile away, at 1.30, a pristine male, quite probably on his maiden flight, flew around me two or three times, and almost settled to feed on the track before feeding on sticky oak leaf 3m up above me -

No other sighting for me, perhaps due to the wind, but a lone male was seen at the Hill Farm Territory at Bookham Common in Surrey and another in Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire.  

To the woods, the lot of you... Enjoy...

Twitter: @MatthewOates76 (I wasn't born in 1976, I was reborn; it was the best butterfly summer ever...)


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