Monday, June 9, 2014

Captive reared Iris needed for pairing

I have a sole surviving captive bred pupa hopefully emerging 22nd June onwards, having pupated June 4th.
I was hoping to get pairings and I wondered if anyone has a spare adult likely to be emerging around then.
If mine is a female I will be generous with any larvae that may result.
Please post only if you are likely to be able to help with a traceable captive bred adult.
If anyone knows how to sex a pupa also let me know !

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irisscientist said...

Hi MIke,

With regarding to pupal sexing, just put these 2 words into search, text box in the top, left hand corner. Alternatively just follow the below link to the relevant post thread:

I hope this helps. If however you want more detailed info on this subject, please just drop me an email.