Sunday, June 8, 2014

Iris on sycamore

I have noted in previous posts that one of the iris cats I'm following (Hostilian) has been living on a tiny (under 2m tall), isolated sallow sapling and I wondered what he would do when the time came to pupate. It came last night. He ate his resting leaf then went wandering, transferring to a sycamore branch that had grown into his sapling.

When I found him he was resting on the underside of that sycamore leaf:

 I returned about half an hour later and he was active:

Then he went still again. 

It will be interesting to see where he has got to tomorrow. The main problem with sycamore leaves is they are easier for predators like forest bugs to roam across. However, the violent jerking motion of a purple emperor chrysalis when touched should be enough to throw off a forest bug. Fingers crossed for Hostilian.


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