Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Tales of Alice

I must have just missed Matthew at Straits today but on my first ride down, at 13:30 to put some bait down (one had been photographed on the ride on Monday so I thought it was worth a try), I encountered a grounded male in the new drainage ditch. I approached very carefully but he was extremely skittish and moved into shade 20 m away with wings wide open clearly showing oodles of purple through the binoculars.He was determined not to be photographed and flew off into an oak to sulk.
On the ride back I disturbed one other male which landed on hazel but was off, again high onto an oak trunk, at the sight of the camera.
One more chance came when I spotted  one on my newly laid bait but same result again - despite leaving him to settle for five minutes he was off before I got within range.
Despite several more journeys up and down various rides only one more high level encounter.
I went home smelling of Belachan (an occupational hazard at this time of the year), but was happy having seen three possibly four different individuals.

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