Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Limited Edition Purple Emperor Pin Badge

Announcing the launch of this season’s de rigueur, must-have fashion accessory for the lady or gentleman of Purple Persuasion. Impress your friends and rivals with this limited edition (40) Purple Emperor Pin Badge, designed by Paul Fosterjohn. 

This timeless piece will be released on c.24th June, shortly after the first flight of His Imperial Majesty. Paul is now taking orders at – please provide your name and address to receive payment details at a price of £6 per badge (incl. P&P). All profits will be donated to Butterfly Conservation Sussex Branch, who will use the money to make more Purple Emperors.

Hurry, hurry, hurry while stocks last. Wearing this badge will ensure you see more butterflies and have a better life. Vive l’Empereur!


Anonymous said...

The response has been tremendous. Within two days 28 pin badges have been allocated to worthy subjects of H.I.M.. So if you are haven't expressed an interest yet please don't delay.

Anonymous said...

As of this morning, I have less than 10 to be reserved. They may all be reserved by the end of the day so if you haven't expressed an interest yet, there is still a chance.

Also, for those that have asked, the dimensions and construction are as follows:

The pin badge will measure 25mm wide by 15mm tall.

Made from stamped copper then plated with black nickel to ensure the colours stand out. The enamel is hard enamel for durability and quality and is inlaid into the stamped design. The finished piece will also be thicker than similar ones that are on the market.

All in all, because of the small batch quantity and the quality of the enamelling, they will not disappoint.

As a finishing touch, I have had printed backing cards that will have the number of the badge and the edition size.

Srikanth said...

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