Monday, July 18, 2016

An Egg Saves The DayAt Savernake

Arrived at Savernake at 10.30 in perfect conditions today with high hopes . Walked towards the monument checking every puddle along the track with no luck at all , then waited by the monument in clear blue skies again with no luck . To be honest the lack of summer woodland butterflies was another reminder how poorly everything has performed this year . Taking a long route back to the car threw up several Silver Washed Frits but no White Admirals . Second brood Green Veined Whites were egging but that was about it . The entire route i walked did'nt reveal a single Emperor today , grounded or fly-by . Thoroughly depressed i checked a hotspot where i witnessed egg laying last year and to my surprise on exactly the same spray of sallow i found an egg with the purple zone clearly developed . Considering the only report so far from Savernake was last Monday by Matthew and only two were seen , i was surprised to already find a well developed egg . In short , it saved the day but makes me wonder if the season started a bit earlier than thought at Savernake . A

nyone any thoughts ?

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Matthew Oates said...

That suggests numbers may be even lower in Savernake than I'd feared...