Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bentley Wood Update

I saw 3 Purple Emperors at Bentley Wood, Wilts today, all flyovers. Speaking to other observers around 6 or 7 were seen altogether, including one grounded male and a female photographed 20ft up. They are indeed having a hard time here, even the warden has only seen a couple within the last week. Yesterday there was a brief grounding (a few seconds) but according to the log only singles had been seen up till then. To sum it up numbers have been disappointing, especially with the number of observers looking. To add a bit of purple to this post, I thought I'd include a picture of this little beauty I saw on my way back to the car park.


John Woolmer said...

Visited Bernwood today/ saw one male around a dried out pond which used to be a prime site/ others saw 2 or 3/ very fresh Silver- Washed f and just one fresh White Admiral. Fermyn next week weather permitting. John W

Matthew Oates said...

Thanks Mike. Very helpful