Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Savernake kicks - or rather limps - off

I struggled to see two males in Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, today, during a couple of twenty minute sunny spells. One was small and very worn, which is odd and worrying as the Savernake race is normally giant, and the season should only just be starting at this 'late' site. I am expecting the butterfly to be very scarce there this year, due to a poor egg lay last year, heavy autumn losses and quite heavy winter predation and damping off.   

Can we please have some news from Bentley Wood?

Meanwhile, here's a Day 2 male photographed in Straits Inclosure, Alice Holt on Monday. The butterfly has managed to survive the FC's recent massacre of sallows there, though it will be several years before a sizable population can develop again.

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John Woodruff said...

I went to Bentley Wood this morning and drew a blank from the two areas of the wood that i visited . Only 1 siting has been recorded in the visitor book on July 7th.