Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today in Essex

Matthew may feel the season is poor but for us searching out new areas, just one Purple Emperor leaves us satisfied. So one presumed male at a high point at 1305 even though we saw it only one more time made us happy. Then going into deepest darkest Epping Forest and finding a male on territory in a gap that we have watched most years for the last 15 years was very satisfying. This assembly area had been confirmed two years ago thanks to a work colleague getting access to the adjacent horse paddock. Two years ago we still couldn't find the assembly area from within the wood but it was the one we had been watching all along!!! I see Woodwalton Fen has started with three males at the usual assembly area. Now that is a site to watch!!!!

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dennis said...

we in UT agree 100% with your sentiments Liz.
We too find it is most satisfying finding just one iris in a new habitat and adding to the knowledge of its distribution.....or maybe it is just sour grapes from me because I live so far away from Knepp and Fermyn !!!!