Saturday, July 16, 2016

End Of An Era

A recent trip to Fermyn was cut short courtesy of the 'Road to Hell'. But was a total of 10 hours in the car worth just 2.5 hours in Lady Wood? Yes, of course.

And this was despite the fact that my trusty steed, which has given such good service for so many years, is dead. He had struggled against poor health over the last few Purple Emperor seasons, losing his brakes, gears, and failing every risk assessment in the book.

We have now departed company - all three of us. I will have to return to bring home his mortal remains, as logistical difficulties meant I had no option but to leave him in some corner of a Fermyn field.

Thanks to Mark Joy for taking photographs when my old friend fell apart, and I fell off, and again when I repaired him, and then fell off again.

Oh yes - I did see a few Purple Emperors (7), bumped into a few friends, and had a great time. But Fermyn is performing well below par.

Would anyone like to purchase two beautiful unicycles?

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Bill Seager said...

Neil, you will now be invited to join the Fermyn Light Horse, but a strider? is over 700.00 notes so get down to your local stables and find a cheaper steed!

Seven Emperors is a poor return for the journey you have undertaken. I am sure the weather is playing havoc with the emergence, hardly any females spotted yet.

Bill Seager