Sunday, July 3, 2016

Grounding at Knepp

I know there was a safari at Knepp today so hopefully there will be a more informed blog from Matthew or Neil later, but I had 23 sightings today (may have included repetitions, I'm not sure) although I left at about three and in previous years Knepp has been great later in the day. 

Luckily my day ended with a grounded male on the path near the lake - a detour I only took, as I was walking towards the exit, due to the previous couple of Knepp blogs which had mentioned the possibility of males coming to ground to visit the new path surfaces. So glad I bothered as I spent a good ten or fifteen minutes less than half a metre from a pristine male who showed full purple. Inevitably, I only captured more distant shots with him showing half purple as I got a bit over-excited and ran out of space on my phone, but I will add these at a later date when I've sorted out my google account. 
Still, an amazing moment and I recommend anyone visiting Knepp checks out the area of path near the lake not far from the visitor centre. If I see no other groundings this year, I'll still be happy. 

Good hunting all! 

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