Wednesday, July 20, 2016

News from Savernake

Visited Savernake today on route from Knepp to the Buxton Literary Festival, via an evening at home with my cats.

Despite a stiff wind in the tree tops I managed to spot six males in five territories along the upper reaches of Three Oak Hills Drive, in just over an hour. That's not too bad, considering the wind, and suggests that numbers there are a little better than last year. Had I visited in calm conditions I may have seen nine or even ten.

For the record, only a singleton was seen at The Column, which is where everyone goes to see iris in Savernake, though it is only a secondary territory.  Two males were battling away in the Dead Beech Glade, a primary territory 2/3rds of the way up Three Oak Hills Drive on the way to The Column.

The butterfly is probably at peak now in Savernake, though it's definitely on the way down at Knepp.  

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martin banks said...

Thankyou to Matthew for finding me (the crossed sticks) an Emperor territory at Savernake. I watched two males there, including both of them perched near each other before more battling commenced.