Sunday, July 5, 2009

Emperor's Breakfast

Staging The Emperor's Breakfast in Fermyn Woods, only breakfast rather misfired as it clouded up for the key part of the day. In the end, Afternoon Tea was served - just after Mike Dilger and the BBC film crew departed (one male on pickled mud fish, another on shrimp paste, and a camilla on the table cloth). Lots of silly photos to appear in due course.

Brother Neil appeared, and managed to keep all his clothes on. He also achieved the dream photo of a pristine male showing all 4 wings fully purple. He also had one land on his right foot.

We must have seen a good 50 males, and just the lone Empress. At one point Neil saw 2 groups of 4 chasing males. Lots more 'sallow searching' and at times males patrolling the oak edges adjacent to the breeding grounds.

Why are Fermyn Woods so good for iris? Ans: there are some 600 acres of dense sallow jungle, compared to 60 in Alice Holt, itself a great iris forest (+ good rideside sallows in both). QED.


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