Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fermyn Diaries - Day 5

A much better day at last, with good spells of sunshine during which iris 'made hay'. Matthew spotted that a sap bleed high up in the oaks had started to weep, bringing Emperors in from all corners of the wood. Up to 6 of them, including the odd female, jostled for position with beating wings. We saw more classical male-rejection behaviour from one girl who seemed to enjoy leading the males on. Here she is, sitting close to a group of males - all 'fur coat and no knickers'.

I managed a few more shots of Emperors on the ground, and my trousers, and my boots. More importantly, even my father managed to get some very nice images, having been desperately unlucky last year. Beds & Northants BC bods Doug Goddard and Stuart Pittman, and butterfly buddy Jack Harrison were amongst the many Purple People that turned up to join in the fun.

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