Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Matthew's Summer in Pictures

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Weather: Vile, an autumn gale. This Emperor season is rapidly ending, blasted away. As the poet put it -

That ends so sudden in the rain,
The cold embittered autumn rain
That blows before the emptying of time.
Gathered from the lifeless, deathless
Windblown waves that rage on wintry seas.

Wildlife presenter Mike Dilger being presented to His Imperial Majesty. Fermyn Woods, July 9th.'

'Beeb filming shopping expeditions in advance of the 2009 Purple Emperor season... . This particular oriental store ran out of shrimp paste.'

The Emperor's Breakfast table, Fermyn Woods, July 5th. Complete with Pimms, horse manure, Stinking Bishop cheese, and 7 different types of shrimp paste.'

Erecting the Emperor's Breakfast - or rather, moving it to another location where the ruddy insect was being more cooperative... . Note Dilger and TV crew on right.'

Rare photo of Hulme and Oates sober and dressed (Emperor-spotting for BBC Nat Hist Unit, Fermyn Woods, 9th July).'

And if they foot causeth thee to stumble, cut it off, for it is better to hop into the kingdom of Heaven ...' (Matthew 18:8 & Mark 9:45 - or thereabouts)

'Normal for Fermyn...'.

'Temporary plaque inscribed to commemorate the divine visitation of Iole, Alice Holt, June 29th. A permanent version will be installed, in Greek, with Latin sub-titles - as soon as we can find a decent classicist...'.

'Oates attempting to support Australia. National One Sock Day, Botany Bay, July 1st. The experiment was an abject failure.'

Rare shot of iris attracted to banana, a frequently-used but rarely successful bait at Bentley Wood and elsewhere. The secret is to let it fester in your lunchbox for a week in the car boot, and add a Pimms - and have one yourself. Fermyn Woods, July 4th.'

'Pickled mud fish, probably the most foul-smelling bait possible - unfortunately, it works. Fermyn Woods, July 9th.'

'Dilger prostrate before the Emperor of the Woods. Fermyn Woods, July 9th.'

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