Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rehearsals for Breakfast

At noon today (BST) the Executive Committee of The Purple Empire issued the following instruction to all those of Purple Pursuasion -

On no account is the Scandinavian fermented herring indelicacy known as Surstromming to be used, as a bait for iris or any other purpose. It seriously compromises human, canine, vulvine and Apaturine health and is henceforth banned.

(This is the first time the Purple Empire Executive Committee has ever done anything.)

Lady Wood, Fermyn. Probably at least 40 iris males + 1 female today. I was staging a dress rehearsal for tomorrow's Emperor's Breakfast event. It worked spectacularly well, tho many were attracted down by the delicious aromas only to visit the ride surface. At one point I had 2 males and a Comma down on one small shrimp paste bait. Also saw some nice oak-edging behaviour and sallow-searching, tho it doesn't look as tho there are many females out here yet. Hardly a butterfly photographer all day, which is odd. Presume they were all down south after Iole....

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