Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Japanese Commuter Bicycles

This season's must-have accessory for the Lady or Gentleman of Purple is the Japanese Commuter Bicycle. These allow rapid (although quite dangerous) transportation between Emperors. The 'now-Purple' Hannah joined me at Botany Bay on 29 June, to test how effective and dangerous they are - highly. We had 5 males on the deck, one of which Hannah delicately teased onto her finger.

The remarkable run of dark aberrations this year continued, with our sighting of an extreme ocellata Silver-washed Fritillary. Dark Emperors, White Admirals and Commas are showing up with regularity on many sites across the South of England.

In the heat of the day many Emperors are sitting around twiddling their tarsal joints. However, as the afternoons cool off quite a few of these butterflies are coming to ground again - so don't restrict yourself to the classical 9-11am period for photo opportunities.

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