Monday, July 27, 2009

Wilts worn but not wasted

Back Emperoring again after an involuntary break. Despite recent foul and abusive weather Iris is still flying quite nicely in Savernake Forest, N Wilts. A thorough tour produced a tally of 8 males in 5 of the 8 territories I've found along the straight ridge crest ride leading to The Column. This compares to a peak count of 17. Three of these territories held pairs of squabbling males - one pair of which were very active, regularly clashing and chasing. Some males looked very worn, and two had lost much of their hindwings.

Two females were seen, egg-laying high in tall sallows. One was very worn and faded, the other in reasonable condition.

The Savernake Iris seem to have an unusually long flight season, and specialise in lingering on after other sites have apparently finished. It seems to be a 'late' sight.

Message: this season hasn't finished yet.....


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