Sunday, July 12, 2009


july 12: Looks like the 09 Ashes series is taking over from where the 05 series left off. Most of the drama was listened to in Savernake Forest, N Wilts. This is an odd site for Iris, as they fly round the crowns of gigantic beech trees, in the 80' range, and look tiny.

Today I counted 17 apparent individual males along the 1/4 mile long straight ride leading up to The Column (a piece of C18th bollox). It might have been as many as 20 males. This is by far the most I've seen here. It included 3 groups of 3 battling males, and 4 lots of 2. Some looked old and worn, one had almost lost his hind wings, but some were fresh-looking. No sign of Herself though.


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Steve Covey said...

I visited Savernake today and saw 3 in the canopy by the Column. Then a female dropped down looking at Sallows. Finally found one gathering minerals from a damp shaded patch of the track which allowed a close approach and - finally - some photos to revere [See at: ]