Sunday, July 4, 2010

Doings in Fermyn

This is from Matthew, posted by Dennis.
Gentlemen, I am pleased to recount the appearance of Apatura iris ab lugenda [iole] in Souther Wood late this morning, a pristine male. I spent 45 minutes in pursuit of the wariest iris I've ever encountered, along half a mile of ride, often at speed. I managed to obtain some photos of both upps and unds, though none definitive. The specimen was very similar to the one I photographed last summer in Alice Holt, though darker with slightly less white. I must have seen about 40 iris today, in Lady and Souther Woods, all male.
Also, a Comma ab suffusa; Jack Harrison saw a Marbled White in Lady Wood, and two locals [Gary + Paula] photographed a lovely WA ab obliterae in Lady Wood.

Fermyn is rocking.............

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