Sunday, July 4, 2010

strange goings on in Berkshire

Forgive me, dear friends, but this blog covers several years. After another 'strange' Berks sighting this year, I have realised that I have a small collection of records from this Royal County which are bizarre and which I'd like to share with you:
2006: the headmaster's wife at Bearwood College near Wokingham was entertained by HIM on her living room carpet; the College is in the middle of a wooded area
2007: Richard James found a male beating against the window of the Easthampstead Conference centre [on the western edge of Bracknell]; from the house, there is a long oak/beech lined drive leading to a deciduous wood
2008: Our own Ashley Whitlock while loading shopping in the Asda car park, Earley, was 'bombed' by a female iris; this Asda is in the middle of a built up area, not very near at all to any woods
2010: Graham Sumners saw one on the carpet at the entrance of an office; it then moved to concrete just outside the building. This is near Padworth on the edge of a large area of forest.

Do you think the Queen has ordered all iris resident in 'her' county to behave themselves, stay indoors, and only shop at Asda?

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