Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not quite the picture you were expecting!

In Norfolk there is a class of sailing boats called a Yare & Bure One Design (called white boats locally as opposed to brown boats or norfolks..........) . There are now over 130 boats in the class, originally they were made of wood but now the hulls are GRP.

They are all named (well nearly all) named after butterflies or moths and the first boats were built over a 100 years ago. A friend of mine has just had No 3 restored which is called Purple Emperor and would have been named that over 100 years ago.

She was until this year in a very sad state.

So here is a picture of her - as my friend says a 102 year old memorial to our favourite creature, 30 minutes post pupate in April


dennis said...

I don't suppose we could all club together and buy this boat? We could then paint it purple and go cruising together [but not in July]


Liz Goodyear said...

I wouldn't want to guess how much the restoration work cost, and then there were the new sails and....

No you can't paint it purple though!

Mine has a much more straightforward name - Chalkhill Blue and its a plastic youngster built in 1979 or so. Liz

Paul Howes said...

As the owner of said yacht, I'm afraid that a purple hull is out of the question. However, the lettering on the stern has purple shading, the only one in the class to be so adorned.
Thanks to my friend Liz, I am becoming attached to the purple empire . . . . Pity we can't see HIM in North-East Norfolk!