Thursday, July 1, 2010


Just read your blog regarding the above.I thought I had better get in touch as it was probably my wife and I who thought we had died and gone to butterfly heaven.We arrived at the wood for our first ever visit last Monday the 28th and within 5mins from the car park spotted the first Iris high up in Oak canopy along with 2 White Admirals.After another 400yds another 3 were viewed flying at knee height.We then rounded a sharp open bend in full sun and another 3 were seen at the same time one of which tried to land on my wife.We then carried on for another 3/4 mile and everwhere we went Iris were present,attempting to obtain salts from the paths.Sorry to dampen your expectations it wasn,t 50 spotted but we counted about 40-50 occasions they were seen.By counting back we are safe in our minds that we saw 18 different individuals and the sight of minature shark fins every 20 or so yds in full sun still haunts.We became so blase at one point, that when photographing an Iris in dappled light I happened to spot a White Letter Hairstreak 6 inches in front and that became top priority for the next 20 mins.In all, a once in a life time experience,the emergance must have just occurred as the entire area was either Goat Willow or Oak and we happened to be there at the right time.We visited the wood again on Tuesday didn,t see one in the previous area but counted 6 different individuals elsewhere and visited again today 1st July and another 6 were spotted but on both days none were photogenic.I hope this confirms your request. Kind Regards Dave Williams.

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