Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exciting news from Hertfordshire

Further to the post on Sunday we can now confirm that the sighting in someone's bedroom, wasn't a random vagrant. After a failed attempt on Tuesday (because the sun never shone)
Andrew returned yesterday and had at least one male fly around an oak tree in the garden of the cottage. Sorry folks we are not disclosing the exact location as this is the first assembly area in someone's private garden!

However, this to us is so exciting as this confirms that the species still exists in its original stronghold of North Hertfordshire. All the historic reports came from Hitch Wood or Knebworth but since 1986 there have been no positive reports (submitted to the branch) although we are aware that someone has reported seeing them (private verbal communication - nothing on paper).

This also means that the species needs to be managed for on a total landscape scale plan not just where it turns up. We have been saying this all along but no one ever listens to us! They just say but 'it hasn't been seen' SO???

Sallows continue to be removed at one of our exisiting sites - the one I was banned from visiting because I complained. Incidentally the emperor wasn't seen when Andrew paid the entrance fee to visit.

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Matthew Oates said...

Garden territories may not be that uncommon. In Hampshire, I know of two on the edge of Alice Holt and another at Odiham, and one in West Sussex. Nonetheless, well done Hertfordshire!