Tuesday, July 27, 2010

last chance saloon

My first post on the blog & it's last week's news.

Attached photos of an old male enjoying a sap run high in an oak in Bentley wood - with occasional Hornet disputes.
Still up to 6 males on the wing including one remarkably fresh & 2 females egg-laying on 23rd July.
Experimenting with extreme lenses to get behaviour shots. These included 1200 mm & flash !
The wonders of digital.
Also another tired individual enjoying banana.


dennis said...

Mike, may I ask how much such a zoom lense costs?

Mike Coleman said...

I don't use zooms - these long shots were using the Nikon 600mm VR with converter & DX crop taking the focal length to 1200mm- ish.
The banana shot was with a 200mm macro.
Price is high but the value is inestimable !