Monday, July 26, 2010

Old news

Having been reminded of the St Swithins Day gales, I remember now that I forgot to post some more news.

Enroute to Norfolk on the 15th July I went by the 'garden' and had the pleasure of seeing iris flying around the assembly area in a sheltered area.

The following day where in Norfolk the wind was just as strong as the previous day, Andrew decided to look at the map of north Herts. He wanted to find a wood with a sheltered high point that would be visible from a field edge. He found one such wood, went along to it, looked across to the wood and through binoculars he spies an emperor fly out from the canopy. A closer inspection by the wood confirmed - he had found another assembly area. This wood is very close to the Bedfordshire border near Luton and in the historic catchment area around Hitch Wood.

A few reports came in at the end of last week but otherwise Hertfordshire has now gone quiet.

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