Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Emperors at Epping Forest

Andrew first had activity on Friday 3rd when two Emperors kicked off dead on 13:00 hours in what was thought to be the usual place in an area of Powell's Forest (part of the Epping Forest complex). Yesterday, I arrived at 12:30 and waited and started watching the usual place as instructed by Andrew. Turning round as we walked to a good viewing point again dead on 13:00, I looked up at another oak and saw an Emperor fly around it, then again and for a period of 30 minutes before the cloud built up we had intense activity around these different oaks. The wind direction being different, a different aspect was being used as Andrew has watched these particular oaks on numerous occasions without a sighting. The highlight was a chase of four individuals in a line. Something WE have never witnessed in our survey work in 15 years!

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