Sunday, July 12, 2015

More from Knepp

Solid cloud all day at Knepp, with light rain for much of the time. However, we still managed to see 11 Emperors, including a vista of 4 in flight together, during a couple of periods of incipient brightness.  (The Duckworth-Lewis Method determined that today's flight was greater than yesterdays...).

Here's a basking male we managed to photograph from way below 

We also found a slightly crippled male on the path, which had presumably be blown out of / fallen out of a sallow before his wings had hardened.  We pet rescued him - 

Meanwhile, here's the moment when a whole bevvy of people joined the Hundred Up Club at Knepp yesterday - 

Looks like we've got two or three poor days coming up - annoying as the butterfly is now at peak season in many districts.  However, it's gales that knock out Emperor adults, and / or precipitous rain, and they should be able to sit out this poor weather spell.  

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