Friday, July 17, 2015

Sap Flows at Knepp!

Amazing evening at Knepp.  Dropped in for the evening flight, arriving at 5.50.  Planned to finish at 7.30.  Stayed till after 9.00, and then left only because it was raining...

At 7.00 I found a large old oak tree with three small sap runs. These were attracting at least 7 males and 3 females.  Although I never saw more than 4 on a sap run together, the foursomes consisted of at least 6 different males and 2 females.  The best sap run was 20' up.

The main action finished around 8.30 but two males kept going till 8.50 and one was still there at 9pm, by which time it was almost dark, with thunder threatening.

Photography was difficult because of the light and the distance, but we'll put a ladder up close by today...

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