Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Emperor triangle - Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex

Today we tested the emergence in the East of England with the intention of visiting Balsham in Cambridgeshire (TL54) first aiming to get there at 13:00hrs, which we did exactly having driven up the M11/A11 in sunshine only to get there at the exact same time as a large black cloud, loaded with rain arrived. At 14:10 the sun came out and after some time watching the wind tossed tree tops two Emperors were seen in a gap close to the water tower. At 15:15 we had arrived at site A in Suffolk (TL65) and again we had to wait for some sun. This is an incredibly exposed site and the tree tops were whipping around. We were thrilled to see three Emperors spiral into the sky. By 16:15 we had reached Hempstead Wood in Essex (TL63) and it didn't take long to see an Emperor again in the wind tossed canopy found awhile later by a second leaving at 16:50 we came home well satisfied that emergence is fully underway and we are ready to go further the next trip.

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