Friday, July 10, 2015

Latest Doings

Amazing day at Knepp, showing Purple Emperors and the rewilding scheme to NT's Director General.  She was seriously impressed by both and is now firmly of the Purple Persuasion... 

We saw an impressive display of sallow searching males during the morning, and some moderate violence in male territories during the mid-afternoon.  Best of all, Herself appeared at 1pm and laid right in front of us - the first eggs of the season.

Later, I witnessed an impressive evening flight, which lasted until it became too dull around 7.40.  Just before 7pm a pristine - I think freshly emerged - male was gunned down by an older male and crash-landed in the bracken, enabling this to happen - 

Before he thought better of it and went back up for more serial Violence...  My guess is that this was a male on his maiden flight.  I haven't seen males crash-land before, though this is how mated females reject males who wont take No (I'm washing my hair tonight...) for an answer.

The butterfly will be at peak season at Knepp this weekend.  This weekend will also be the best time to visit Fermyn Woods, but the butterfly is probably only just starting in Savernake.  

Tomorrow, to the woods, without breakfast...

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