Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fierce Battles

Territory discovered by the Campbells in Waterperry Wood Oxon a few years ago was a violent battle scene this afternoon.  Eleven individuals, including two females were observed  by the Campbells and myself in the territory shown. It consists of an Oak, smaller than, and situated a little behind [red arrow], two big ash trees. A huge sallow is adjacent but out of the picture.
Several aerial skirmishes were observed, involving  males spiralling into the sky and chasing around the ashes. Each battle always ended with one male returning to his perch on the Oak, until another male entered his territory, when the fights were resumed. Two females were oblivious to all of this and circled the Sallow, serenely.
Curiously, no Emperors at all were observed in the rest of this big wood, in places where we normally see plenty of activity.

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