Friday, July 10, 2015

Fermyn Report Friday 10th July

The Emperor flies this time of year In Fermyn Wood, Northamptonshire Choose a day that's bright and clear And don't forget your camera gear... Clear blue skies and hot (16.5°C) by 8 a.m. Very dry and His Imperial Majesty was up early anticipating a Baluchan Breakfast. Nige was the first to suffer a right royal trousering before being challenged to an arm wrestling contest at 8.30 - He lost in a best of three. There were plenty of groundings from this point on, but the harsh light made it difficult to obtain the perfect double purple shot. However, there were plenty of His Majesty's subjects around Souther Wood and Lady Wood that enjoyed the day. A very conservative estimate is thirty groundings, and we also spent the early part of the afternoon watching some tree-top action before spotting our only female barreling along to Neil's corner, where a male got out of her way smartish. After chatting to some of the regulars, it appears the first sightings may well have been made last Friday, with the following Tuesday after some rain, providing good action for the few people around in the Souther Wood area. Today, the males were still coming to ground in mid afternoon, searching for moisture. By then, they were not inclined to open their wings, being warm enough, thank-you, and were also skittish. Perhaps next week may be the time to search the sallows for Herself? Some of the males looked pristine but the odd individual has had a lucky escape from pecking birds. My trusty steed received the attentions of an Emperor, impatient for samples from the the bait bottle, and from Paphia, who took time out from whizzing along the rides to inspect the fetlocks... Bill Seager, Fermyn Light Horse.


Neil Hulme said...

We salute the Fermyn Light Horse.

Bill Seager said...

Neil, we are awaiting the heavy cavalry reinforcements - Lugenda is on the agenda?