Friday, July 17, 2015

Fermyn Patrol Friday 17 July

A day for the connoisseur at Fermyn, where the overnight storms had created a very humid atmosphere. The long periods the sun was obscured by cloud cover was broken up effectively by the strong breeze only later in the afternoon. We almost had the woods to ourselves this day, which produced just two groundings of faded males up to 12 noon. However, tree top activity was observed, and a switch of tactics to go into the sallow rides in Ladywood produced good results, with 3 females and double that number of males. To see this action, go down the Ladywood ride and turn right to the Deer hide, and right again at the hide - there is a tall oak close by and some good sallows all along here - and plenty of Emperors. After returning to the car park for a late lunch, we decided to revisit the area, but got waylaid by brother Quercus on the track to Assarts coppice. This was lucky on two counts, firstly, a nice purple vision, and secondly because we then met Dave "Lucky Lugenda" Holden, who informed us of his outrageous good fortune at 3pm the day before, when he saw and photographed this: (Matthew, I submit a request that Dave, new to the purple persuasion, be enrolled in the IOLE fellowship, and that this picture will enable him to be awarded one of your treasured badges?). Nige and I scooted off at once to Grid Reference SP974845 and were ambushed by this beast at 15.07 precisely. I think I am right in saying another of this tribe was spotted in this same area only two or three years ago? No pictures for us, but a sighting that kept us in the area until 17.00 hours. In all, a good day. I stopped counting at 24 individuals, which includes the three females and the Lugenda. Good Luck to all this weekend who visit the site. But beware pickpockets! Bill Seager: Fermyn Light Horse

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Jonathan Piers Tyler said...

Dear Bill,

I wonder if you'd be kind enough to let me know where the Emperors are best seen in Fermyn Woods ?

I don't drive, so will not be clogging up the area with a car !

I contributed a photo of a male feeding on tree sap from Theberton Woods near Saxmundham in 2006 early on in the Purple Empire's history, where as you well know it was introduced, but whether that image still exists I don't know.

It is only now that I have the time and finance to make a more concerted effort to acquire some better shots.

Many thanks,


Jonathan Tyler.