Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Purple Emperor, ab iole (lugenda) at Lady Wood

I took these recent photos of a very dark specimen of the Purple Emperor (ab. Iole (Lugenda) at the 'junction' in Lady Wood (Fermyn Woods) on Thursday 16th July 2015.
Time: 3.58pm.

It didn't stay down for long but long enough to manage a few photos.

I have just read Matthew Oates' blog on the Purple Empire website which showed this very same aberrant butterfly photographed by some others at this location on the same day.

I thought I had been the only person to have seen this particular specimen but pleasantly surprised that others had also been fortunate.

I thought, therefore, that you might also like to see my versions of this stunning and unusual specimen.

It looks like a male because the second of the two photos (showing some underwing) does show a slight trace of purple on the upper wing.

In view of this, do I also qualify for a Iole Fellowship badge? Or am I too late?

It would be interesting to hear your comments.


Matthew Oates said...

You certainly qualify for the Iole Fellowship badge, which you have to wear dutifully on the anniversary of the sighting - then get plastered and end up with your trousers on your head... Address please (NB it may take me ages to do this...)

Alwyn Timms said...
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