Friday, July 24, 2015


I am sure Ashley will have a view on the Hants performance this season but my general view is that it has not been as good as last year in terms of overall numbers however there are some ups and downs.
Straits Inclosure - I failed to see a single individual at this year, despite several visits in good conditions, although others have seen low numbers. The Forestry Commissions efforts have not helped at all and  I fear this Heartland will take some time to recover to  its former glory.
Abbots Wood - was comparable with last year and on the best day I saw eight individuals but I only encountered one female  in the whole of AH which was very poor. The sallow around some of the cleared areas in Abbotts is starting to mature nicely so there will some good opportunity to rebound in the medium future.
The maximum I saw in any of the territories at Alice Holt was three.

Creech Wood - sadly failed to see them [where I think Ashley drew a blank also] but they are never numerous here nor are they easy to see.
West Wood and Crab Wood also failed to see any, but I only made one visit in less than optimum weather,  which was disappointing as I had good numbers last year.
Havant Thicket seems to have been reasonably comparable with last year although it failed to turn up  Herself for me.   

However - I did see himself at two new woods, for me:

Whiteley Pastures near Fareham, where I saw at least five males on 11th July
West Walk near Wickham where I have searched for the last three years, only one male but a very pleasing result.  

Difficult to assess but I think peak was 16th/18th
Altogether a bit disappointing except for a visit over the border to Knepp which distinctly brightened the season

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