Sunday, July 5, 2015

Knepp Beauty

After having limited success in Hampshire, and seeing Neil's posts, I kept an eye on the weather today and followed the improving weather front over the border into Sussex to visit Knepp wild grounds. 
After a bit of a hiccup at border control I eventually persuaded the customs agents that I really did not need a visa and hot footed it into deepest Sussex. 
After paying my dues and grabbing a copy of the map I wended my way across the estate, dodging the pigs, longhorn cattle and fallow deer and fawns that kept creeping out of the dense sallow forests!
I spotted a few males in various oaks, but having gleaned that He does not visit the ground often here I did not have my wits about me and clumsily  disturbed a pristine male on the track - bu**er!!!!
It circled me a dozen times before zooming off and I cursed my stupidity before moving on.
After half an hour I made my way back to the same location and joy of joys he was back. This time I made no mistake and made the usual baby steps approach and was rewarded with his presence for at least 15 minutes - all to myself (greedy!) fortunately he was in shade and the blue was so bright I had to put my sunglasses back on :) - the photos do not really do justice to the intensity of the blue but are pretty good by my standards.
Kind Regards

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Anonymous said...

Jammy wotsit! Fair play old chap you've pulled off a coup with this one.